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Today marks the relaunch of the Econ Point of View!

I am reviving this blog as a way to work through new ideas, either for my own research or how I explain topics to students. Because my interests has changed more and more to economic theory, that will be the main focus.

I had been debating blogging again but kept pushing it off because of other commits and my sense that #Econtwitter partly filled the role of a blog: a place to throw out ideas and discuss them. I’ve increasingly found Twitter was not a place to work through ideas, especially early ones or controversial ones.

Also, Twitter is 99% about the election and all the noise involved with that s-show.

Tyler Cowen’s post is what finally put me over the edge. His advice on how to stay weird: “Blog rather than tweet. Stay off Twitter altogether.” Well I want to stay weird. So here we go.

While the econ blogosphere is a pale imitation of what it once was, I still learn from it every day and hope to contribute again.

P.S. My old posts will slowly be re-added as I fix broken links and figure out which ones are not ridiculously dated.

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